Holiday day inn. The napa river inn. Hotel zur post salzburg

Holiday Day Inn

holiday day inn

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Holiday Inn - Ardmore, Oklahoma

Holiday Inn - Ardmore, Oklahoma

I-35 and U.S. 70 interchange
Ph: AC: 405-223-7130

The beautiful Holiday Inn of Ardmore is ideally located in southern Oklahoma,. The Passport Restaurant is noted for its fine food and features a daily buffet, Friday evening seafood buffet and Sunday noon buffet.

The card was mailed from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Paul Relincamp of San Antonio, Texas on March 2, 1976 :

Another warm & windy day. Renewed my driver's lic. today. Have gone up to $7.00 with pictures. big deal. - Ted & Va.

holiday inn

holiday inn

the holiday day inn building after the civil war in west beirut. the hotel was a popular spot as a snipers nest.

holiday day inn

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